Recipe for banana pancakes


These are a family favourite. My mom gave me this recipe and to this day it is probably one of the most requested breakfast items that the grandkids request. You can easily sub out yogurt for something plant-based if you prefer and add flax eggs instead.


1 Cup large flake oatmeal

1 Cup all purpose flour

1/4 Cup brown sugar

1 tsp each baking powder, baking soda

¼ tsp each salt, nutmeg

1 ripe banana

2 eggs

1 Cup plain yogurt

½ Cup milk

½ tsp vanilla

1/4 Cup melted butter or vegetable oil


In a large bowl combine oatmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder, soda, salt and nutmeg. 

In another large bowl mash banana, then whisk in eggs and yogurt.  Stir in milk and vanilla. 

Make a well in oatmeal mixture, pour in banana mixture and stir until blended.  Then stir in butter or oil.

Generously coat a large frying pan with butter and set over medium heat. 

When butter is bubbly, scoop out ¼ cup for each pancake.  Cook until bubbles form on top of pancakes.  Turn and cook until golden brown. 

Makes about 16 pancakes.

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