The last few years have been a roller coaster for me, but not for the reasons you are probably thinking. There was that whole global pandemic thing, but for me, that was the least of my worries. In the fall of 2020, I turned 50. That same month I had lesion removed from my upper lip that turned out to be basal cell carcinoma (Happy Birthday to me!). The next month, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. The month after that I celebrated the inevitable one-year anniversary of the cessation of my period (gulp, I’m post menopausal). 

That was October, November and December of 2020. At that time, I weighed almost 230 pounds. I was sedentary. I had left my job just before the pandemic hit and it was a stressful time leading up to that. I had a shit storm of signs that I was pushing myself down the road of blood sugar issues, but I didn’t recognize ANY of them. After my diabetes diagnosis, I let myself have a one-day pity party and then I got to work. My A1C at diagnosis was 9.7. Three months later, it was 5.1.

After only three months...

I was such a success that my doctor said “we just don’t see results like this. You should be very proud of yourself.” And to be honest, it wasn’t that hard. I did all the things that I had told myself for years that I would/should do but that I would start “tomorrow”.

So what did I do?

In the summer of 2021, I went back to school at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I was the oldest in my class by 20+ years. But I didn’t let that stop me. I was ready to learn and sort out what had happened to me from a nutrition perspective the past few years. And I couldn’t wait to take my knowledge and help other people.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Health Diet Consulting in Coquitlam British Columbia Canada Serving Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Specializes in menopause support.
  • I specialize in helping people who want to understand their hormonal changes, improve their health and vitality and work on finding more energy through optimal nutrition and lifestyle changes.
  • Are you struggling with poor memory, poor concentration, brain fog? Do you have trouble losing weight, carry excess weight around your abdomen? Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, but can’t sleep? Are you struggling with PMS, perimenopause, or menopausal symptoms? Do you experience IBS symptoms?
  • I can help you take back control of your health with simples, sustainable lifestyle changes. Let me help you rebalance your hormone by addressing root causes and allowing your body to work its way back to optimal health.

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